At this time, hosts are unable to delete cloud recordings in Zoom. As outlined in a memo from Provost Morrison:

As a result of [a series of class action lawsuits], the University’s Office of the General Counsel has let us know that as a defendant in the lawsuits BU has a legal duty to preserve any evidence within the University’s possession, custody, or control that is potentially relevant to the claims or defenses in the lawsuits. The attorneys handling the lawsuits have determined that curricular materials, such as recordings of remote class sessions, are relevant to the lawsuits, and that because they are stored on platforms (such as Blackboard) that are in the University’s control, the University has a legal duty to preserve them. Therefore, we are obligated to preserve recorded curricular materials, including Zoom classes, from the spring 2020, summer 2020, and fall 2020 semesters.

It is important to note that the preservation obligation applies only to curricular materials and not to other recordings such as department or other meetings, administrative or operational activities, interviews, or research.

If you would like to delete recordings that do not fall under the above preservation requirements, please submit a request using the link below. This form must be completed by the host of the meeting and may not be submitted on their behalf.

Request to Delete a Cloud Recording

You can also view any open requests using the link below:

View Open Requests