Zoom Meetings and Webinars can be recorded locally or to the cloud. By recording your meeting to the cloud, you can leverage advanced features like automatically generated transcripts and quick sharing.

Sharing Cloud Recordings With Students

After recording a class session to the cloud, you can quickly share your recording with students. In situations where you need to provide access to your recorded class session as efficiently as possible, instructors can share their recordings from Zoom directly.

Downloading Cloud Recordings

You can access, manage, and download your recordings from Zoom's website anytime.


Unsharing Cloud Recordings

Sharing is enabled automatically when a cloud recording finishes processing. A recording owner can make a recording private by editing its sharing permissions at any time.

Deleting Cloud Recordings

Learn more about how to delete your Zoom cloud recordings and restrictions on types of recordings that can be deleted.


Manage Recording Notifications

Zoom and IS&T may send you automatic emails when a cloud recording is ready to view and share, is moved to the trash by IS&T, or when it is about to be permanently deleted. You can turn these notifications on or off based on your preferences.