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Digital Signage provides a modern, manageable way to deliver news, information, emergency alerts, and media to displays in common areas, entryways, lobbies, and more.


Digital signage allows departments to display rich, engaging content to various audiences. By displaying content digitally, departments can reduce the time, cost, and environmental impact associated with traditional print media.

Student organizations can submit content to be displayed in certain locations using this form.

Key Features

  • Publish content to a single display or group of displays quickly
  • Display important or emergency announcements instantly
  • Present multiple forms of content, including images, videos, and web pages
  • Broadcast live events or streams
  • Build dynamic content using information from weather providers, stocks, RSS, and more
  • Interact with content using touch-enabled displays

What to Expect

Digital Signage is a cloud hosted solution, for which Appspace promises 99.5% uptime. See the Appspace Status portal for current service status and past incidents.


Digital signage implementations can vary in scale. However, at minimum, the following is required:

  • A digital flat-panel display, or similar
  • A digital signage player
  • Power and wired networking connectivity
  • A BU Login authorized to manage content
  • Content to display
  • A computer with a browser supported by Appspace


When implementing digital signage, costs will vary depending on the equipment required, installation, and implementation. Please submit a request for a consultation to discuss your department’s digital signage needs.

Getting Started