We develop custom applications to meet University needs when an appropriate vendor or open source solution is not available. Applications are built to your specifications and may be client-facing or may enable important integrations, data transfer, and similar infrastructural needs that support other services.

Applications are secure, auditable, and conform to University guidelines and best practices for data management. We provide a clear and predictable operational sustainment and support path after release.

Requests must be supported by a school, college, department, or research project. Costs vary according to the services requested. Contact us for more information.

  • Application Services staff provide consulting services to help business and academic departments assess technical requirements, evaluate technologies, plan architecture, and design data storage, even when IS&T is not involved in the project implementation. In addition IS&T provides access to industry research through Gartner, Inc., and maintains membership in NERCOMP, the NorthEast Regional Computing Program.... more »

  • We build integrated mainframe functions, tasks, and applications that are managed centrally and deployed across the University using traditional mainframe terminals or web-based terminal access.... more »

  • Custom applications are built to specification when requirements cannot be met by an appropriate vendor-supplied or open source solution. They support a variety of administrative processes and often facilitate integration between University systems.... more »

  • We develop custom web applications to meet University needs when an appropriate vendor or Open Source solution is not available. Web applications are centrally managed and allow access to information over the Web. We build web applications to your specification.... more »