What is Information Technology Service Continuity Management (ITSCM)?

ITSCM is management of the risk of large scale interruption to technology services which underpin vital university functions.  We start by working with the community to understand which IT services are most critical.  We propose service solutions to manage the risk of large scale interruption, and where stakeholders agree that they are cost effective, we implement them.  Our two main risk mitigation strategies are leveraging highly available cloud computing platforms and planning for timely recovery at alternative locations.

In other words, we aim to make sure that IT services are able to support the university’s needs even in challenging times.


Boston University shall never suffer significant loss or damage from the loss of technology capability without the risk of such loss being known in advance and accepted.


To support Enterprise Risk Management at Boston University.


ITSCM at Boston University presently focuses on those services with criticality ratings of 1 (Life Safety) or 2 (Enterprise Critical).


  • Foster communication on the subject of service continuity in support of vital university functions.
  • Expose service continuity related technology risk to university leadership, and manage that risk in accordance with their guidance.
  • Ensure recovery and other continuity plans for IT services in scope are detailed and that they are updated and validated regularly.
  • Provide advice and guidance on IT service continuity questions to schools and departments as requested.