Information Services and Technology is developing a range of services to support and standardize the use of cloud services for the Boston University community. Guided by our cloud first principle, we offer offer support and consulting for moving new and existing workloads to public cloud based services.

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IS&T has established enterprise agreements with select cloud service providers in conjunction with BU Sourcing & Procurement and the Office of General Council. We have established executive relationships and have trained IS&T teams to support the transition to the cloud and can assist you in the proper analysis and selection of a cloud service.


  • Cost discounts on cloud service offerings from our preferred cloud service providers
  • Important client and departmental coverage from the Enterprise Service Agreements
  • Direct billing via methods of your choice (simplified measurement and metering)
  • Use of Cloud Service Provider services directly with a simplified on-boarding process
  • Consultation on your cloud service request including best practices review
  • Benefit from our knowledge of cloud service providers, certifications and compliance validity

Key Features

  • Available in several service and deployment models including
    • Infrastructure as a Service , Software as a Service, Platform as a Service
    • Desktop as a Service, Disaster Recovery as a Service
    • Application delivery
  • Rapid service provisioning, reduced time to availability
  • Upgrades and patching available
  • Notification of scheduled changes in cloud server providers

What to Expect

Consultations are arranged at a mutually agreeable time and generally involve meetings with IS&T staff to understand requirements or questions, conduct appropriate research, and provide guidance or recommendations. Depending on the complexity of the question, the process may take a very short time or may extend over a period of weeks.




Consultation services are free, but costs for cloud services vary. Contact us for more information and assistance.

Getting Started

    Contact us for more information.