WBUR CitySpace

Broadcasting from a Sustainable Space

WBUR CitySpace

WBUR CitySpace at The Lavine Broadcast Center is a state-of-the-art multimedia venue located on Boston University's campus. Convening leaders in all fields for an array of events- readings, interviews, debates, panels, podcasts, performances, theater, comedy- WBUR CitySpace is the destination to be inspired, entertained, and educated.

Materials and Resources

  • Sustainable waste management strategies reduce the overall footprint of materials and resources.
  • The materials are more environmentally, economically, and socially preferable.
  • 79% of construction waste diverted from landfill through recovery and recycling.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Incorporates indoor air quality control strategies, low-emitting materials, and daylighting to provide a healthy indoor environment.
  • Ventilation strategies improve indoor air quality and ensure that safe and clean air enters the building.
  • Low-emitting building materials reduce the sources of harmful indoor-air contaminants.
  • Thermal comfort control and ample daylight improves indoor comfort.

Water Efficiency

  • Water use is reduced by 25% from base building code requirements.
  • Low-flow toilets, urinals, and faucets increase water efficiency while decreasing the burden on municipal water supply and wastewater systems.

Environment and Atmosphere

  • Energy use is reduced by 25% from base building code requirements.

Location and Transportation

  • Located in a dense neighborhood, conveniently located to transit and bikeshare.


890 Commonwealth Avenue, Brookline 02215

LEED Rating: Gold

Total Building Area: 8,700 sf.

Architect: Cambridge Seven Associates

Acoustical Design: Acentech Engineers

Structural Engineers: Goldstein-Milano LLC

General Contractor: Lee Kennedy Co.

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