ME 502: Intellectual Assets: Creation, Protection, and Commercialization
Taught by Prof. Dan Cole.
Lectures on the aspects of this course involving law are given by Mr. Mark Chadurjian, an upper level manager and lawyer at IBM.

  Both videos require RealPlayer and a High-Speed Connection
  1st video on intellectual property course at BU by D. Cole
  (5 minute overview on course content)

  2nd video on intellectual property course at BU by D. Cole
  (5 minute video on motivation for learning IP for scientists and engineers)


ME 579/EC 579: Microelectronic Device Manufacturing
(cross-listed in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering)

Taught by Prof. Dan Cole


ME 526/MS 526: Simulation of Physical Processes
(cross-listed in both Mechanical Engineering and in Material Science)

Taught by Prof. Dan Cole
Usually taught in the summer.

  Syllabus and description of course

Other relevant courses will be posted here later.

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