Barouch Eytan Barouch
Ph.D., Theoretical Physics, S.U.N.Y. Stonybrook
Cole Dan Cole
Associate Professor
Ph.D.,Theoretical Physics, Graduate Center of the City University of New York.
Yeung Michael Yeung
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley
Knodle Dr. Stephen Knodle
Dr. Stephen Knodle is a Senior System Analyst in the Information Technology Dept. at Boston University and works part time with researchers in the Microchip Simulation Lab on improving computational facilities and on microlithography simulation developments. Dr. Knodle has a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Washington. slk@omega.bu.edu
Baek So-Yeon Baek
So Yeon Baek is working with Prof. Cole on improving the optimization as well as the physical and numerical accuracy for compact modeling of microelectronic devices. Along with Xima Zhang, So Yeon's research involves a project with IBM Microelectronics in Burlington, Vermont. Her earlier work involved a more fundamental model for photoresist development that took into account the polymer nature of photoresist.

Keiko Matsunaga
Keiko Matsunaga is working with Profs. Cole and Barouch. She has a Bachelor's degree in physics, with emphasis on low temperature physics. Keiko is beginning work on simulating the effects of radiation in small microcavities, including the influence of Casimir related effects. Advanced algorithmic methods will be developed and employed.


Yi Zou
Yi Zou is working with Prof. Cole on developing simulation code for tracking charged particle motion over very long periods of time, while under the influence of very nonlinear applied fields. This work has both applied (plasma etching) and theoretical (chaotic evolution and fundamental classical physics) aspects to it. Advanced algorithmic methods are being developed.

Zhang Xima Zhang
Xima Zhang wrote an initial prototype simulator for extracting edge bias rules for printing of photoresist lines. He has investigated how this information can be inserted into circuit simulations, based on compact models of devices. His present research with Prof. Cole involves a project with IBM Microelectronics in Burlington, Vermont, on optimizing the fit of compact model parameters using a genetic algorithm approach.

Jason Gilanfarr
Jason Gilanfarr is an undergraduate student at Boston University working part time to develop the Microchip Simulation Laboratory web page.


Rick Klingler
Rick Klingler has a Master's Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Boston University. Rick's Ph.D. research focuses on correlating mechanical properties, microstructures and processing of advanced aluminum alloys to include fracture and failure mechanisms. Rick also works at Pratt & Whitney Space Propulsion and has over 15 years of experience in rocket engine design and testing. richard.klingler@pw.utc.com

Furkay Stephen Furkay
Steve Furkay has carried out extensive development work in the simulation of the behavior of advanced microelectronic devices. He is one of the main authors of the 3D electron transport program, FIELDAY, that is used extensively within IBM Microelectronics. Steve is now working with Prof. Cole on Ph.D. research work involved with simulating the interplay between radiation and charges in small devices.

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