Dynamical Behavior of Systems
   Simple, but nice, on-line discussion of determinism, initial conditions, and chaos.

Demonstrations in Science and Technology
   Interesting applets demonstrating aspects of semiconductor technology
   Wonderful videos on microelectronics
   Interesting applets in physics
   More interesting applets in physics
   Science applets.

   Talk by John Walker, on nanotechnology
   Classic talk by Richard Feynman on nanotechnology:
   Pictures from D. Eigler's work at IBM on imaging and positioning individual atoms

   SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering)
   Call for papers for SPIE Microlithography conference

TCAD (Technology Computer Aided Design)
   Stanford TCAD
   TEC home page at the University of Florida
   Semiconductor Subway (TCAD related links of interest, maintained by MIT Microsystems Technology Laboratories)
   Nanofabrication links of interest, maintained by Stanford

Advanced algorithms
   N-Body/Particle Simulation Methods
   Numerical Recipes
   The GA Playground: The Genetic Algorithm Toolkit
   Level Set Approach
   Parallel Scheme for Migration by Aplanatic Surfaces

Computational Electromagnetics
   Computational Electromagnetics at Argonne National Laboratory

Intellectual Property
   US Patent and Trademark Office Home Page
   IBM Patent Server Home Page
   1st video on intellectual property course at BU by D. Cole
   (5 minute overview on course content)
   2nd video on intellectual property course at BU by D. Cole
   (5 minute video on motivation for learning IP for scientists and engineers)
   Invention Machine services/products, based on semantic processing technology.
   MicroPatent, patent and trademark information services
   United States Patent and Trademark Museum
   IDEO (Innovation company)
   Delphion Intellectual Property Network to search, view and analyze patent collections worldwide.

Scientific and engineering software
   Survey on software tools
   Waterloo Maple
   MacKichan Software, Inc. Home Page
   Electronic Research System
   NAG (Numerical Algorithms Group)

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