SARP welcomes and encourages student involvement in our prevention and awareness work on campus!

There are several trainings to participate in. Check out all the ways you can make a difference. You can request a training by clicking here

Undergraduate Trainings

Step Up Step In BU

Step up Step in BU (SUSIBU) is BU’s primary sexual violence prevention program. SUSIBU is an interactive training that raises awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault and what we as members of the BU community can do to prevent it.

By the end of SUSIBU, we hope participants will feel empowered to identify themselves as pro-social bystanders who have a role in safely intervening in situations that may lead to a harmful outcome such as sexual assault.

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Step Up Step In BU 2

Step Up Step In BU 2 (SUSIBU2) is a one-hour follow-up program for students who have already attended Step Up Step In BU (SUSIBU). In SUSIBU2, students discuss the obstacles of intervening in difficult situations, and brainstorm realistic options for how to intervene.

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This Dating Life: Relationship Training

This Dating Life educates participants on the key components of a healthy relationship, how to have healthy boundaries, and how to identify signs of unhealthy and abusive relationships. Participants will walk away from the program feeling more empowered to identify if a relationship is healthy, unhealthy, or abusive. The training also provides participants with resources and tools on how to get help.

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Yes! Consent & Sex Positivity Training

This training is an opportunity for students to discuss the impact of the messages they have received about sex, challenge the unhealthy ones, and replace them with messages centered on sex-positivity and consent. Participants will discuss current issues and learn skills that will help them identify when consent is present and how to respect the boundaries of potential sexual partners.

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Graduate Trainings

Beyond Bystanders

 Workshop Series

The Beyond Bystanders workshop series provides male graduate students with the skills needed to identify, interrupt and prevent gender harassment in STEM academia, as well as with an open space where they can frankly talk about issues surrounding male allyship. The series is a collaboration between ARROWS, SARP, GWISE, and WISEguys.

This training series was piloted during the 2020-21 academic year with virtual workshops, and based on their success, the training series will continue during the 2021-22 academic year with in-person workshops. Please contact

Interrupt: A Training for Graduate Students

Graduate students, especially doctoral candidates, face a unique set of challenges when confronted with sexual misconduct. Power differentials, dual roles, gender-based harassment, and the interpersonal dynamics that often exist in a department or cohort can contribute to difficult situations.

Interrupt is an interactive training designed to help graduate students identify opportunities, and build the skills, to Interrupt sexual misconduct. In this 75-minute training, participants will

  • Develop a shared understanding of sexual misconduct
  • Think through a step-by-step framework to help identify interruption opportunities
  • Apply interruption strategies to realistic scenarios where sexual misconduct is directed either at yourself or others
  • Identify sexual misconduct response and prevention resources

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