Taking action to end sexual misconduct and intimate partner violence is something all BU students can be a part of. SARP has a number of ways graduate students can get involved to create safer environments in their communities.


Interrupt: A Training for Graduate Students

Graduate students, especially doctoral candidates, face a unique set of challenges when confronted with sexual misconduct. Power differentials, dual roles, gender-based harassment, and the interpersonal dynamics that often exist in a department or cohort can contribute to difficult situations.

Interrupt is an interactive training designed to help graduate students identify opportunities, and build the skills, to interrupt sexual misconduct. In this 75-minute training, participants will

  • Develop a shared understanding of sexual misconduct
  • Think through a step-by-step framework to help identify interruption opportunities
  • Apply interruption strategies to realistic scenarios where sexual misconduct is directed either at yourself or others
  • Identify sexual misconduct response and prevention resources

If you’re interested in an Interrupt training, you can request one here.


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