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Explorations of the Work of Graduate Student Artists and Architects through Photography of their Work


“” is an ongoing web project that consists of a collaged, found-footage video and a collection of screenshots. The original footage and images are taken from Instagram humor handles and then edited to remove the funny parts of the videos. The leftover clips are reworked into a narrative, which shifts as more content is added […]

Emily Quinn

My work examines stereotypical masculinity using humor, mystery, and absurdity to critique male preoccupation with sex, objectification of women, and exhibitionism. The painting, Dog Spit in Space, uses symbolism and the language of Photoshop to refer to ejaculation, while Man Camp is a folkloric representation of men policing each other’s masculinity. Working loosely from my […]


It is the job of a Court Interpreter to translate both the trial proceedings to a witness, and their testimony to the court. As the witness attempts to recall events from memory, sometimes long passed, the interpreter must render those memories as faithfully as possible while remaining grounded in the immediate present. The Court Interpreter […]