Leaving/Being Terminated From Your On-Campus Job

We encourage supervisors to keep lines of communication open, clear, and constructive with their student employees. It’s a two-way street: keep your lines open, too. If you have questions, complaints, suggestions, or issues, let your supervisor know. Having your questions answered and sharing your views will help you work a position into the busy aspect of your college life.

While we remind students that the jobs on-campus should be taken seriously, supervisors are asked to remember that this job opportunity may be the first experience a student has had, in addition to juggling academic and social responsibilities. Communicating and working through issues together will ensure that both supervisors and student employees get the most out of their working relationship.

You should first attempt to discuss any concerns you have with your supervisor and try to mutually agree on a resolution. This allows time for both parties to improve their working relationship. If this approach does not work, you may contact the Student Employment Office for further assistance.