The BUILD library is organized to give tutors access to a range of books appropriate for the children they tutor, and to make the check-out process easier. Books are sorted by genre and grade-appropriate reading level.

During BUILD office hours, activity binders are available to assist tutors in planning literacy activities for students.

One binder contains a collection of activities for reading, vocabulary, writing, oral skills, music, and holidays.

Another contains a packet with various literacy activities from the America Reads Challenge. Also included in this binder is a poetry packet and additional poems to read with children.

Multiple copies of most of these activities are provided, with a master copy kept in a separate location. Tutors may take a copy of any activity that they wish to implement.

Sites are expected to provide materials such as paper, pencils, crayons, and scissors for use by tutors and students. Lead tutors should have access to site photocopiers in order to prepare materials for BUILD activities. If sites are unwilling or unable to provide these resources, lead tutors should address the problem with program coordinators.

BUILD’s mission is to provide elementary school students with more opportunities to be engaged in literacy development through tutoring and literacy-enhancing activities, while providing a meaningful tutoring experience for University students working in public schools and community centers.  These manuals are meant as a guide so that every tutor who works for BUILD is striving for the same level of excellence in upholding the mission.