• Additional Titles:Director, Communication Neuroscience Research Laboratory
    Director, Hearing Research Center
  • Education:B.A., Linguistics and Cognitive Science, Northwestern University
    M.A., Linguistics, Northwestern University
    Ph.D., Neuroscience, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Website or Lab: Communication Neuroscience Research Laboratory
  • Phone:617-358-7410

Scholarly, Research, and/or Practice Interests

  • Developmental disorders of language and reading (specific language impairment, dyslexia)
  • Human voice recognition and social auditory perception
  • Mechanisms of plasticity in human auditory cortex
  • Brain bases of complex auditory processing(including speech and voice perception)

Courses Taught

  • KHC NE 102 Reading, Language, and the Brain
  • SAR SH 221 Phonetics
  • SAR SH 620 Neuroimaging for Speech and Hearing Research

Selected Presentations

  • Scott, T.L., Carter, Y.D., Choi, J.Y., & Perrachione, T.K. (2019). Relationships between phonological working memory and language processing in adults with dyslexia. 11th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language (Helsinki, August 2019).
  • Lim, S.-J., Qu, A., Tin, J.A.A., & Perrachione, T.K. (2019). Attentional reorientation explains the processing costs associated with talker variability. 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (Melbourne, August 2019).
  • Perrachione, T.K. (2019). Talker variability, auditory attention, and speech processing efficiency. 177th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (Louisville, May 2019).
  • Scott, T.L. & Perrachione, T.K. (2018). Functional dissociation of language and working memory revealed by pattern analysis of subject-specific conjunction maps. 48th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (San Diego, November 2018).
  • Overview of the Communication Neuroscience Research Laboratory. Hosted by Sargent College, this presentation was a part of the 2015 online, virtual conference, “Health Matters.”

For a full list of presentations, click here.

    Selected Publications

    • Scott, T.L. & Perrachione, T.K. (2019). Common cortical architectures for phonological working memory identified in individual brains. NeuroImage, 202, 116096.
    • Choi, J.Y. & Perrachione, T.K. (2019). Noninvasive neurostimulation of left temporal lobe disrupts rapid talker adaptation in speech processing. Brain and Language, 196, 104655.
    • Choi, J.Y. & Perrachione, T.K. (2019). Time and information in perceptual adaptation to speech. Cognition, 192, 103982.
    • Perrachione, T.K., Del Tufo, S.N., Winter, R., Murtagh, J., Cyr, A., Chang, P., Halverson, K., Ghosh, S.S., Christodoulou, J.A. & Gabrieli, J.D.E. (2016). Dysfunction of rapid neural adaptation in dyslexia. Neuron, 92, 1383-1397.
    • Perrachione, T.K., Del Tufo, S.N., Gabrieli, J.D.E. (2011). Human voice recognition depends on language ability. Science, 333, 595.

    For a full publication list, click here.

      Research Funding

      • NARSAD Young Investigator Award, Brain and Behavior Research Foundation; “Dysfunction of cortical systems for language and working memory in autism spectrum disorder,” 01/16 – 01/18, Principal Investigator.
      • NIH, NIDCD, R03 DC014045, “Neural bases of phonological working memory in developmental language disorders,” 05/15 – 06/18, Principal Investigator.
      • NIH, NICHD, R03 HD096098, “Cortical development and neuroanatomical anomalies in developmental dyslexia,” 09/18 – 08/20, Principal Investigator.
      • NSF, BCS, 1840674, “NeuroDataRR. Collaborative Research: Testing the relationship between musical training and enhanced neural coding and perception in noise,” 09/18 – 08/20, Site Principal Investigator.

      Academic and Honors

      • 2013 Peter Paul Career Development Professorship
      • 2012 Walle Nauta Award for Continuing Dedication to Teaching, MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
      • 2011 Walle Nauta Award for Continuing Dedication to Teaching, MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
      • 2010 Angus McDonald Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
      • 2008-2011 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

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