Feature Story

Big Science for Little Ones

Sargent welcomes internationally renowned child development expert Jana Iverson

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Feature Stories
Tyler Perrachione

The Quest to Unlock the Mind’s Mysteries

Tyler Perrachione is mapping the brain to understand its inner workings


Claudio Ferre

Childhoods Transformed

Claudio Ferre uses technology to better understand how children move and inform future therapies


Emily Rothman

Healthy Relationships for Autistic Adults

Emily Rothman’s program seeks to strengthen romantic and platonic bonds


Simone Gill

Hope for More Holistic Autism Support

Simone Gill is exploring the connection between early childhood and motor development in children with autism


Christopher Moore

The Moore Legacy

Christopher Moore is retired after nine academic years as dean. Browse snapshots from the tenure of a transformational leader


Cara Stepp

Discovering the Hidden Cause of Voice Injury

Cara Stepp established a connection between hearing impairment and vocal hyperfunction


Maura Walker

Secrets of the Microbiome

Maura E. Walker studies gut microbes for clues that could help prevent and treat diabetes and heart disease


Donor Profile

Support for Young Adults in Crisis

Susan Knox Kopta’s loss fuels her support of psychiatric rehabilitation for college students


Alumni Profile

An A+ Citizen

In her philanthropy and occupational therapy, Sharon Ryan (’70) puts people first



A Holistic Approach To DEI

Sargent Aims To Be a Leader In Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Emily Evans

Evaluating, Learning, Improving

Emily Evans Researches How Medical Facilities Can Provide Better Healthcare


Jesse Moreira

‘I Feel Seen’

How One Physiology Professor Shines a Light On LGBTQ+ Heart Health


Kenyan Village

Climate Change, HIV, and the Kenyan Fish Trade


Knee Research

The Risk Of Delaying PT For Knee Osteoarthritis


Frank Guenther

Research Advances On Treatment For Stuttering

Frank Guenther Is Using Technology To Learn Why People Stutter


International Service Learning


Jack Dennerlein

Dean’s Message


Shot of BU Campus

New Faculty & Promotions


Boston University balloons

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