“We believe that our classroom should be the model of the society we want, and we want a place where everybody is valued, respected, and represented.” – María, Elena, & Mildred

BU Romance Studies launched our annual 2nd Language Learning & Disabilities conference in 2019, with María Datel, Elena Carrión Guerrero, & Mildred Basker-Seigel serving as the founding organizers. The conference aims to provide language educators with tools and strategies for creating inclusive curricula and a classroom climate of tolerance and respect.

Open to the public, the conference attracts participants from language programs at colleges and universities throughout the  New England region. The conference provides participants with awareness of the issues, students’ perspectives, available resources, and knowledge of different ways of learning and strategies of how to use them creatively to develop content that makes second-language learning successful for all.

Our conference is held each year early in the spring semester. The latest information is posted below.