Mildred Basker-Seigel

Coordinator of Spanish Language Program, Senior Lecturer in Spanish


Mildred Basker-Seigel has served as Head of the Spanish Language Program and as Coordinator of the beginner and intermediate levels of the Spanish Four-Skills and Reading Sequence. She is currently serving a second term as Interim Overall Coordinator. She has published and co-published various course books, a lab manual and a study guide for Gabriel García Márquez’ novel El coronel no tiene quien le escriba.  She also teaches the graduate seminar Spanish for Reading Proficiency, and a 300-level topics course “Spanish through Translation”. She has done literary, medical and legal translations, as well as translations of children’s stories.  She is a participating faculty member in the MFA in Literary Translation and she assists in mentorship of the students. Her interests lie in literary and academic translation as well as teaching strategies and materials that provide an inclusive environment and incorporate diverse learning styles in the classroom.