Two RS Students Win BUCH Awards

Two Romance Studies students have been selected as winners for the annual BU Center for Humanities (BUCH) student awards! Karina Sembe, a PhD… More

Photo of Maria Datel

Datel wins IDEAL Award

The Department of Romance Studies is proud to announce that Master Lecturer in Spanish, María Datel, is a recipient of this year’s… More

Photo of Pedro Alejandro Lopez

Lopez Presents at CILH

PhD studnet in Hispanic Language & Literatures Alejandro Lopez recently presented at the Congresos Internacionales de Literatura y Estudios Hispánicos in Mexico.… More

Photo of Alberto Iozzia

Iozzia Publishes Article

Alberto Iozzia, Lecturer in Italian, has published an article titled, “Fast Zombies and Social Rights: The Case of Umberto Lenzi’s Nightmare City… More

Photo of Jim Carter

Jim Carter Publishes Article

Jim Carter, Lecturer in Italian, has published an article “The Guilty Spectator: Sexuality, Age, Crime and Dario Argento’s Deep Red (1975)” in the… More