GLOBAL HOUSE at Myles Standish Hall

The Global House Living-Learning Community welcomes students who are passionate about languages and cultures.  Through this co-curricular experience, Global House residents explore together what it means to be globally diverse and build on the University’s effort “to continue to foster the engagement of Boston University in the city and the world.”  In the true spirit of a Living-Learning community, learning will extend to all aspects of the Global House experience. Students collaboratively develop cultural programming while developing intercultural literacy and building community. Students engage in weekly meetings with their Language Cluster, participate in the Global House Discussion series, attend cultural and community activities, and more.

Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors who are proficient in one of the following languages at the second-semester level (112) or above are invited to apply. Ten Language Clusters are currently available: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

For more information and to apply please reach out to the Director of Global House, Lillie Webb, or visit the Global House website.

Spring 2022 Romance Studies Global House Cluster Leaders


Zoey Mikalatos is a Junior in CAS studying French and Linguistics.
“I have been studying French ever since my freshman year of high school, and I love the language and learning more about culture. The Global House, for me, means a way to connect to other cultures and to be around and learn from others who love languages. For French it is especially important, as there are so many francophone countries in the world with such diverse, wonderful cultures to explore and learn more about.”

Zoey Recommends: I’ve really enjoyed the TV show Call My Agent (Dix Pour Cent)





Leonardo Parodi Ambrose is a sophomore majoring in Marine Science, currently working at the Fulweiler Lab for Marine Biogeochemistry.

I was born and grew up in Rome, Italy as an Italian-American dual citizen. I moved to the States for my senior year of high school and I’ve been here ever since! I am very excited to work with my cluster members as well as the GH staff, and my goal is to raise awareness about contemporary/modern Italian culture, and to break away from (most) Italian stereotypes. I’m in love with the ocean, and in my free time I really enjoy sailing, cooking/eating and the outdoors (preferably somewhere near the water!) 


Filipa Costa is a senior in CAS studying Psychology & Brain Sciences and Portuguese & Brazilian Cultural Studies.
This is my third semester serving as the Portuguese cluster leader, though I have been involved with Global House since Fall 2019. Raised in New Jersey in a Portuguese immigrant family, I am keenly aware of the value of multiculturalism and I wanted to find others on campus who felt the same way. Global House was just the right community for me! I always look forward to our weekly cluster meetings: I am consistently impressed with the enthusiasm and engagement of my cluster members. My main goal for this year is to establish a stable foundation for the Portuguese cluster so that it can run consecutively each semester like the other language clusters. A strong Portuguese cluster can convey the importance and diversity of Lusophone cultures and countries and act as a promoter and hub for the Portuguese program at Boston University.
Filipa Recommends: Some Brazilian movies I enjoyed were “A que horas ela volta?” and anything starring Wagner Moura. Fernando Pessoa is a great Portuguese poet and much of his work has been translated into English.


Andrea Quintanilla is a Junior in Sargent College studying Nutrition and minoring in Public Health.
I am originally from El Salvador but moved to the United States during my junior year. I can speak Spanish, German and currently I am learning Portuguese. In my free time, I love being around nature, hanging out with my friends, and searching new coffee shops. I got involved in the Global House because of the amazing community it offers. I love being around people that love learning languages as much as I do!
Andrea Recommends: I recommend you to watch TV- shows from different countries as you learn more about other countries’ cultures, languages, and types of entertainment.

Director of Global House

Photo of Lillie Webb

Lillie Webb

Director of BU Global House, Senior Lecturer in French