Senior Lecturer in Spanish


María Datel studied Literature, with a focus on Argentine and Latin American literature, at the University of Buenos Aires. She taught Semiotics, Latin American Literature and Spanish Grammar in Argentina. She wrote for a literary magazine, ran a radio program, and was part of a literacy campaign in Paraguay.

María came to Boston in 1999 and since then she has being teaching Spanish at Boston University. She also taught at Simmons College and developed a curriculum for native speakers of Spanish for the Kinsley Montessori School. At Boston University, María has served as the course coordinator for LS112 and LS300 level classes. She also created the courses “Contar el Crimen” (Crime Writing) and “Sailing with Darwin to the Patagonia and Beyond”. She was part of BU’s Hispanic Voices Project and taught Spanish to adults of a disadvantaged neighborhood, with the objective of connecting the university and the community. 

Maria is currently the course coordinator of LS212 and teaches LS309 “La Frontera/The Border”, a 330 level intensive Spanish writing class for heritage speakers of the language. María is interested in pedagogy and works to create a more inclusive curriculum for her classes (­­­­­incorporating underrepresented topics) that ensures representation of all minorities, and hopefully creates a classroom climate of total tolerance and respect.