Welcome to BU Romance Studies!

As our world becomes increasingly connected, the command of foreign languages has never been more important. Fluency in the languages and cultures of other societies has become a necessity in our engagement with contemporary science, technology, business, and diplomacy – not to mention providing a passport to the enjoyment of literary and cinematic classics that have defined these cultures!

As chair of the Department of Romance Studies At Boston University, I’d like to welcome you to a space—be it virtual or physical— where we study and teach the languages, literatures, films, and cultures of the French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish speaking worlds. Our dedicated and creative teachers share a commitment to excellence in teaching, whether it be an introductory course or an advanced graduate seminar. Our dynamic community of students and scholars engages in leading-edge interdisciplinary study encompassing philology, post-structuralism, globalization & migration, visual arts & film, theatre & performance, gender & sexuality, Transatlantic studies, Holocaust and Human Rights studies, and more.

Join us to live, learn, and enter a whole new world!