Romance Languages offer a perfect entré into various cultures, media, and possibilities for study. To satisfy their intellectual curiosity, many of our undergraduate and graduate-level students take courses, double major or minor, and otherwise pursue opportunities in various related departments and programs at BU. Our faculty also teach courses in other departments and programs.

The following programs and centers are those most frequented by our community in supplementing their academic endeavors:

  • African Studies Center
    • Offers 2 minors in language and cultural studies of various African countries. They also organize seminars and other programming for scholarly engagement on Africa. Additionally, they provide language instruction in multiple African languages.
  • Cinema and Media Studies Program
    • Supports a major and a minor as well as courses for both undergraduate and graduate students. It also organizes film screenings and other cinema related events throughout the year.
  • Center for the Study of Europe
    • The Center offers a Major and Minor as well as event programming for students interested in the study of Europe.
  • The Elie Weisel Center for Jewish Studies
    • The Elie Wiesel Center for Jewish Studies is an interdisciplinary academic center of the College of Arts and Sciences with currently fifteen core and sixteen affiliated faculty members. The Center administers undergraduate programs in Jewish Studies and in Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Studies. They support graduate students and host visiting faculty and post-doctoral research fellows.¬†
  • Latin American Studies Center
    • Offers interdisciplinary courses to students interested in the diverse and complex Latin American world, made up of 20 independent nations with Spanish, French and Portuguese as their native languages. They offer both an undergraduate major and a master’s degree.
  • Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program