Lopez Presents at CILH

PhD studnet in Hispanic Language & Literatures Alejandro Lopez recently presented at the Congresos Internacionales de Literatura y Estudios Hispánicos in Mexico. Alejandro tells us:

“Participating in the CILH (Congresos Internacionales de Literatura y Estudios Hispánicos) for the second time was just as enriching as my first. Each panel’s presentations were meticulously curated, ensuring that our contributions seamlessly dovetailed, sparking both interest and deep reflection among our audience. The atmosphere of the conference was one of warm collegiality, with discussions extending from the panels to meals and breaks, providing a fertile ground for academic enrichment.

In my presentation, I continued my exploration of Cortázar’s short stories through the lens of his own literary theories, seeking to let the narratives reveal their insights from within, rather than imposing external analytical frameworks. This approach, when applied to “El otro cielo” (The Other Heaven), allowed me to unearth a metalinguistic theme woven throughout the tale—a nuance previously overlooked by critics.”

Alejandro Lopez at 2024 CILH