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Learn to Use the Dimensions Database (2022)

Please join the Office of Research for this introductory webinar on the Dimensions database. Dimensions is an online publication database with a wide range of metrics including citations, RCR, ties to grants/funding agencies, patents, funding data, policy documents, altmetric scores, and altmetric breakdowns. The highly customizable search interface in Dimensions allows for detailed investigations into a topic, author, or institution. With the Dimensions database, you can:

  • Map out and analyze the research landscape; see relationships between researchers, publications, patents, grants, and policy documents, allowing users to see the whole research lifecycle as well as examine any one point in great detail
  • Identify emerging trends and pinpoint underrepresented areas of research
  • Find sources of funding
  • Decide where to publish your research findings
  • Compare journals, funders, authors, and research institutions

Joe Farmer, from the Office of Research, will host a webinar covering the basics of the Dimensions database, its contents, and how to use the tool. Participants can expect to leave this workshop with a foundational understanding of how to access and use the Dimensions database, as well as practical ideas for incorporating this tool into their work. The webinar will last about 1 hour with time for Q&A following. View slides.

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