Radioisotope Use Manual

Updated May 2020


This Radioisotope Manual describes the radioisotope program at Boston University (BU Charles River and Medical Campuses) and Boston Medical Center (BMC) and defines internal procedures developed by the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), Radiation Safety Committee (RSC), and Radioisotope Users, for the safe use of radioisotopes at BU and BMC. This manual shall be followed by all radioisotope users at BU/BMC. Any variance must be reviewed and approved by RSO. Overall responsibility for radiation safety rests with the University and hospital; however, primary responsibility for safety must be assumed by clinical and research permit holders, clinical authorized users, and individual users of radioactive material. Although every effort has been made to ensure that this manual reflects current federal and state regulations, and State License conditions, in case of any discrepancies the most current regulation and guidance document shall take precedence.

The manual is also available as a PDF.

Emergency Contact Information

Medical Physics and Radiation Safety:

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm: (617) 358-7688

After Hours: 

Incident TypeCRCCharles River CampusBUMC/BMC
HAZARDOUS MATERIALS SPILL Chemical, Biological, And Radioactive(617) 353-2105(617) 414-6666

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