Financial Conflicts of Interest Training

Who needs training

Training is required (once every four years) for all those involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of Public Health Service (PHS) and/or Department of Energy (DOE) funded research at Boston University.

When to train

Once every four years while engaged in PHS-funded and/or DOE funded research.

Where to train

The training is hosted through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative Program (CITI).

Instructions for CITI Training

The course and the 10 question quiz will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. A score of 80 is required to pass.

You can access your CITI COI Training on the CITI website.

  1. You will see three options on this page: Login, Login thru my org, or Register.
  2. Register if this is your first time visiting here, then follow the remaining steps below.
  3. If you are already registered, click on your campus.
  4. Choose Add a Course.
  5. Select Conflicts of Interest.
  6. This will add the course to your CITI account. Next, kindly click into it and take the test.

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