Cage Card Notification System

Cage labeling/signage within Animal Science Center animal facilities

Problem Logs

Each animal room has a Problem Log posted on the door outside the room. The following types of events are recorded on the Problem Log:

  • Dead animals/pups
  • Sick animals
  • Overcrowded cages (O/C)
  • Miscellaneous problems, e.g., cage floods

The date, name of principal investigator, rack number, nature of the problem, person reporting the problem, and person addressing the problem are recorded on the log. Investigator staff can therefore find out about problems before entering the room. The Problem Log also produces a permanent written record that may help in identifying a pattern of problems (e.g., unexpected numbers of pup deaths may indicate a disease outbreak).

Standard Cage Card (White)


New Litter Cards (Pink)


Problem Notification Cards (Neon Green)


Health Problem Notification Cards (Red)


Animal Under Observation Cards (Blue)


Dead Animal Cards (Purple)


Special Care Instruction Cards (Yellow)


Transportation Cards (Teal)


ASC Holding Protocol (Orange)

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