Develop a Strategy

There are four main ways to bring an idea to impact (licensing, starting a company, sponsored research, and fundamental research), but within those four broad categories are an infinite myriad of pathways. Early on in your journey, you’ll want to reach out to the Technology Development business development lead for your field (sometimes called your “case manager”) to begin developing a strategy specific to your objective and life constraints. 

Meet with your Case Manager

Schedule a meeting with the appropriate case manager based on the field of your invention. We will use this meeting to develop a strategy for bringing your idea to market. Together we will discuss your objective, assess your idea, and identify other key contacts to help with the assessment and next steps.

In subsequent meetings the Technology Development team will review any materials the PI provides. The Technology Development team may start the meeting with a brief introduction of Technology Development, our mission, and the services we provide. It is usually helpful if the PI provides a 10-15 minute overview of the technology. The Technology Development team member will then ask questions from our Idea Index aimed at better understanding:

  • the problem you are trying to solve,
  • the solution (your technology),
  • capabilities and resources of the research team,
  • stage of development of the technology,
  • potential scope of intellectual property rights, and
  • commercial potential.

Idea Index

The Idea Index serves as a diagnostic list so that all aspects of the technology are discussed. It will also help us focus in on areas that need more information or action and help tease out which of Technology Development’s services are appropriate at this time. These services include:

  • patent analysis and filing
  • market research
  • identifying translation funding opportunities
  • mentoring
  • licensing
  • team building
  • new venture support

Idea Index Questions

Implement your Strategy

Inventor and Technology Development staff work together to complete specific actions, such as:

  • Technology Development initiates patent filings or research (per strategy)
  • Together the applications and markets for the idea are researched (per strategy)
  • Together the idea is marketed to specific targets or new venture creation is considered

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