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The Department of Religion consists of a broad and diverse faculty of distinguished experts in various religions, eastern and western, ancient and modern. We also apply a broad array of disciplinary methods to the study of religion: Our faculty includes anthropologists, historians, literary scholars, and philosophers – all devoted to understanding the impact that religion has had and continues to have in human society.


Kecia AliAli headshot 2013
Chair; Professor of Religion,
Islamic studies
T: 617.353.4465
Andrea M. Berlin
James R. Wiseman Chair in Classical Archaeology, Professor of Archaeology and Religion
T: 617.358.1651

M. David EckelEckel_Photograph
Professor of Religion,
philosophy of religion; Buddhism in India and Tibet
T: 617.353.1083
David FrDavid Frankfurter.Sept2017.croppedankfurter
Professor of Religion; Aurelio Professor of the Appreciation of Scripture,
ancient Mediterranean religions; Jewish and Christian literature
T: 617.353.4431
Margarita Guillory
Associate Professor of Religion,
American religious history; digital religion; religion and popular culture
T: 617.358.1754
Laura HarringtonLaura Harrington
Buddhism in America; Indo-Tibetan Buddhism; material culture
April HughesHughes, April - website photo
Director, Undergraduate Studies; Assistant Professor of Religion,
Religions of China
T: 617.358.3585
Steven KatzStevenTKatzphotoC4
Professor of Religion; Alvin J. And Shirley Slater Chair in Jewish Holocaust Studies,
Judaica; Holocaust Studies; philosophy of religion; comparative mysticism
T: 617.353.8089
Jonathan KlawansKLAWANS
Professor of Religion and  Judaic Studies,
religion and religious literature of Judaism in late antiquity
T: 617.353.4432
Deeana KlepperProf. Deeana Klepper
Associate Professor of Religion and History,
Christianity, Judaism, and medieval and early modern religious history.
T: 617.358.0186
Frank J. KoromKorom with Turban
Professor of Religion and Anthropology,
South Asian, Caribbean, and Diaspora Studies; popular culture and folklore
T: 617.358.0185
Yair Lioryair
comparative religion; Judaism; Chinese philosophy; Neo-Confucianism
Diana LobelLobel_Feb 2011
Associate Professor of Religion and Judaic Studies; Associate Director of Graduate Studies,
classical and medieval Jewish studies; comparative philosophy and religious thought
T: 617.353.2863
Anthony PetroPetro
Director, Graduate Studies; NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor and Associate Professor of Religion,
modern Christianity; American religion
T: 617.353.3088
Stephen Protheroprothero
Professor of Religion; C. Allyn and Elizabeth V. Russell Professor of Religion,
religion, and culture in the United States
T: 617.353.4426
Teena Purohit
Associate Professor of Religion,
South Asian Studies and Islamic studies
T: 617.358.1755
Adam Seligmanseligman
Director, Graduate Program in Religion; Professor of Religion;
Research Associate at the Institute for the Study of Economic Culture
T: 617.358.0262
Michael Zank ZANK-3
Director, The Elie Wiesel Center for Jewish Studies;
Professor of Religion, Jewish, and Medieval Studies
T: 617.353.4434