Lecturer, Comparative Religion; Judaism; Chinese philosophy; Neo-Confucianism

Yair Lior earned his B.A. in Philosophy and East Asian studies at Tel-Aviv University, an M.A. in Chinese traditional aesthetics from BNU China, and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Boston University. Lior’s academic background is in comparative religion, the scientific study of religion, and Chinese religions with a focus on Song Dynasty intellectual history. More broadly, Lior is interested in the application of innovative methodologies to comparative religion, including systems theory, information theory and a cultural evolutionary framework.

Lior teaches BU’s introduction to Religion course (RN100), Jewish mysticism – Kabbalah (RN326/626), Chinese religions and philosophy (RN211), and Religion & Science (RN239)



  • CAS RN 100 Introduction to Religion
  • CAS RN 216 Judaism
  • CAS RN 239 Religion and Science
  • CAS RN 325/625 Jewish Mysticism I: Formative Traditions