Below our current tenants can find electronic copies of important forms you may need after you lease an apartment.

The Roommate Substitution Agreement should be filled out if you are looking to add or remove a person from the current rental agreement.

If you wish to extend your rental agreement, you should fill out this Lease Extention Request Form. Please note that you will be charged accordingly for the additional days during which you occupy the apartment. When you complete a rental agreement extension form you will be required to also fill out a vacate notice.

The Vacate Form should be completed by the tenant and given to the Real Estate office as written notice of intention to vacate the unit.  All vacate requests must be in writing.  Please note that any request for the termination of this lease prior to the end of the lease term must be submitted in writing to the Real Estate office at least thirty (30) days in advance of the requested termination date and are subject to an early termination fee. Please see the addendum section of your rental agreement for more details.  All tenants moving out of their apartments should carefully read over the Vacate Procedures.

The Tenant Information Sheet is required to be filled out by all tenants should we need to reach you in case of an emergency.