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Pets are not allowed in our apartments.

Each year is different. However, we suggest that April or May are good time to begin your search as that is when apartments begin to become available as well as through out the summer months.

You must come into the office and fill out an extension form if you wish to extend your rental agreement. We do not extend rental agreements past August 15. If we approve an extension, you will be charged for the additional days during which you occupy the apartment. When you complete a rental agreement extension form you will also be required to fill out a vacate notice.

You need to obtain authorization from the Maintenance Department to install an air conditioner.

No. Subletting is strictly prohibited.

Not all of the apartment buildings have laundry facilities. Please inquire when viewing apartments.


We do not provide roommate matching services nor do we resolve roommate disputes.

Contact us by calling (617) 353-4101 or by email at rental@bu.edu to arrange for showings. Please click on the following link: Getting Started

Please contact the Maintenance Department at (617) 353-4102 for information about Real Estate office parking.

Please contact the maintenance office at (617) 353-4102 regarding extra keys or lock-outs during regular business hours. If you are locked out during the evening, weekend or a holiday, you should contact your building superintendent. Building superintendent information can be found here.

Most – but not all — apartments have cable television outlets. You should ask when you are looking at apartments. Cable television is not included in the rent and is provided through a private provider. For the Medical Student Residence, please see the MSR FAQ’s.

All rental agreement terms are one full calendar year (12 months).

The first month’s rent and a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. Please be advised if you place a deposit on an apartment and change your mind about the apartment, your deposit will not be refunded. Most local private landlords and Realtors will charge – in advance – the first month’s rent, the last month’s rent, and a security deposit equal to a month’s rent as well as a broker’s fee generally equal to a month’s rent.

Please see the Apartment Styles page in the Advantages of BU Apartments section on this site.

Rates vary from apartment to apartment. Room rents range from $1,000 per month and up. Studio rents range from $1,750 per month and up. One-bedroom apartment rents range from $1,900 per month and up. Two-bedroom apartment rents range from $2,500 per month and up. Please keep in mind that these rates are starting point rents only. Rents vary according to apartment location, size, utilities, amenities, and current demand. The majority of rents will be more expensive than the starting rents listed here. Rents are subject to change. Rents are determined by prevailing local rental market conditions.

Please see the Apartment Styles page in the Advantages of BU Apartments section on this site.

The utilities included in rent vary between buildings. Please ask when you are looking at apartments.

Rent is paid in advance and is due no later than the first day of each month.

All apartments are located within a 10-minute walk from most of Charles River Campus facilities.
Please see this MSR link for information regarding the Medical Campus Residence.

Most apartments are leased unfurnished. Many of our tenants use AFR . Please note that there are other furniture rental providers.

Payment coupons will be provided to you when you sign the apartment lease. If you need more payment coupons, please contact the Accounting Department at (617) 353-9833

All monthly rental checks must be sent to Century Bank and Trust Co., c/o Boston University Real Estate, P.O. Box 22, Medford, MA 02155. A payment coupon must be included with each rental payment.

For all maintenance problems, please contact the Maintenance Department directly at (617) 353-4102 during office hours (Monday through Friday from 9 am until 5 pm. When our office is closed, please contact Facilities Management at (617) 353-2105.

Real Estate apartments are open to matriculating graduate students of Boston University, as well as to faculty and staff who are currently employed by the University. Employees of Boston Medical Center are not eligible.

Trustees of Boston University.

All checks must be made payable to: Trustees of Boston University

We accept one security deposit per apartment and not separate deposits per roommate. There should also be only one monthly rent payment per apartment regardless of the number of occupants.  It is the responsibility of those occupying the apartment to make financial arrangements amongst themselves; multiple roommates are considered a single entity. At the termination of the rental agreement, there will be only one security deposit re-imbursement (if applicable) and it will be reimbursed to the tenant who originally provided it. Please note this applies to apartments located on the Charles River Campus only.

Credit card payments are acceptable but NOT RECOMMENDED. Check or money order is the preferred payment procedure. Paying the deposit by credit card can be confusing due to complicated Massachusetts Real Estate laws. When paying the deposit by credit card, once the rental agreement commences that credit card security payment will be transferred to be used as the first full month’s rent payment. You will be required to provide a check payable to Trustees of Boston University for the security deposit when taking occupancy of the apartment.

Smoking will not be permitted in apartments. The rental agreement will have the following clause: “Smoking is prohibited in the entire building in which the leased premises are located, including any common areas”.