Volume 34: Fall 2014 – Spring 2015


Introduction and Table of Contents



Alexandria Martin, The SEC Rule on Derivatives Trading by Foreign Branches of U.S. Banks, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 2 (2014).

Eric Schlichte, Seventh Circuit Denies Motion to Intervene by Non-Party Secondary Insurance Provider in Bankruptcy Proceedings: In re C.P. Hall, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 13 (2014).

Angela DiIenno, Legitimacy of Two-Tier Poison Pills as Defensive Mechanisms, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 25 (2014).

Holly Ovington, SLUSA Preclusion of State Law Investor Class Actions, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 36 (2014).

Justin Zeizel, U.S. Department of Justice and its Global Counterparts Continue Aggressive Enforcement Against Cartels, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 45 (2014).

Sean Gordon, Citigroup Settles with DOJ for Illicit Mortgage Activities in 2006 and 2007, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 57 (2014).

Steven Barros, Securities Fraud Class Actions: Courts to Consider Price Impact Evidence at Class Certification Stage, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 66 (2014).

William T. Cushing, In re Stockton, California: Current Issues Surrounding the Landmark Municipal Bankruptcy, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 75 (2014).

Jason Mei, Appraisal Arbitrage: Investment Strategy of Hedge Funds and Shareholder Activists, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 83 (2014).

Matthew Lee, The Recent Wave of Tax Inversions and Implications of the Corporate Income Tax, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 93 (2014).

Alexander Vitruk, Federal Reserve Monetary Policy and The Taylor Rule, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 102 (2014).


John Crawford, Wargaming Financial Crises: The Problem of (In)experience and Regulator Expertise, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 111 (2014).

Dan Awrey, The Limits of Private Ordering Within Modern Financial Markets, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 183 (2014).

Robert T. Miller, The RMBS Put-Back Litigations and the Efficient Allocation of Endogenous Risk Over Time, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 255 (2014).


Sung Eun (Summer) Kim, Corporate Parenthood: Private Equity Duties and Portfolio Company Rights, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 317 (2014).


Jacob Wimberly, Note, SIFI Designation of Insurance Companies—How Game Theory Illustrates the FSOC’s Faulty Conception of Systemic Risk, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 337 (2014).

Lisa A. Bothwell, Note, Aberration or Seminal Decision?: Examining the Impact of Zucker v. FDIC (In re BankUnited Financial Corp.) On Bankruptcy Law, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 369 (2014).




Tyler Spunaugle, The SEC’s Increased Use of Administrative Proceedings: Increased Efficiency or Unconstitutional Expansion of Agency Power?, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 204 (2015).

Graham Rogers, Misbehaving Bankers: Desperate Analysts, FINRA Fines and the Toys’R’Us IPO, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 416 (2015).

Silvia Stockman, United States v. Newman: The Second Circuit Establishes New Limits on Insider Trading Prosecutions, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 427 (2015).

Paige Brewin, MetLife’s SIFI Designation and Appeal, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 435 (2015).

Daniel R. Warren, Congress’s Rollback of the Dodd-Frank Swaps Push-Out Rule, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 443(2015).

Jose Andre Roman, Bitcoin: Assessing the Tax Implications Associated with the IRS’s Notice Deeming virtual Currencies Property , 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L.  451 (2015).

Courtney Johnson, SEC Rule 14a-8(i)(9) & The Whole Foods Proxy Saga, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 458 (2015).

Maria Slobodchikova, Forum Selection Bylaws in Delaware, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 466 (2015).

Samuel Gorski, Whistleblower Protection Under Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley: Interpretative Developments from 2014, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 478 (2015).

Drew Singer, SEC Regulation of Mutual Funds’ Illiquid Assets, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 491 (2015).

Gianna Sagan, Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive Impact on Non-EU Managers , 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 506 (2015).



Theodore Weitz & Thomas D. Halket, State Crowdfunding and the Intrastate Exemption Under Federal Securities Laws-Less than Meets the Eye?, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 521 (2015).

Andrew A. Schwartz, The Nonfinancial Returns of Crowdfunding, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 565 (2015).

Kristen A. Young, Compliance With the Securities Laws in Crowdfunded Securities Offerings: Startups it’s your Responsibility!, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 581 (2015).


Robert Hockett, Real Arrow-Securities for All: Just and Efficient Insurance Through Macro-Hedging, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 609 (2015).

Sharon E. Foster, Too Big to Prosecute: Collateral Consequences, Systematic Institutions and the Rule of Law, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 655 (2015).


Emily Finestone, Note, Eliminating the Tax on Embezzled Funds: A Call for Reform, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 713 (2015).

Thomas S. Markey, Note, Standing on the Sidelines: How Nonjudicial Foreclosure Laws Prevent Homeowner Challenges to Foreclosures — And How Judges and Legislators Should Respond, 34 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 745 (2015).