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AI Revenue Management and Antitrust Implications

BY: Rob Stigile Following the publication of a blockbuster report detailing the use of apartment rent pricing software by some of the nation’s largest multifamily landlords, dozens of plaintiffs have filed suit alleging that use of the software violates section of the Sherman Act. These lawsuits may serve as an invitation for judicial reconsideration of […]

Affordable Housing in Un-Affordable Vacation Towns

BY: Nicole Rosker, RBFL Editor Every winter, almost 1.5 million people visit Aspen to ski its legendary slopes. Every summer, Martha’s Vineyard’s population springs from 17,000 to 200,000. These famous destination towns are so successful at attracting affluent vacationers that they enjoy nicknames like “Billionaire Mountain” and “Hollywood East.” But stripped of their romantic infamy, […]

Student Blog: The West Coast Housing Crisis

by Kevin Brothers, RBFL Student Editor               On the west coast, California and Oregon are dealing with serious affordable housing crises that have left many struggling to keep a roof over their heads, or left without one altogether. In Oregon, approximately 14,476 individuals are reported to be homeless.[1]The number of those experiencing chronic homelessness […]

Volume 36: Fall 2016

INTRODUCTION Introduction and Table of Contents ISSUE I – FALL 2016 Development Articles Table of Contents Kuhu Parasrampuria, SEC’s New Money Market Rules, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 2 (2016). Daniel Mello, Anti-Inversion Rules, the Pfizer-Allergan Merger, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Challenge, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 16 (2016). Alyssa Marchetti, Stricter Anti-Money […]

REO to Rental & Securitization

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the latest progress toward the securitization of single-family rental homes here. The WSJ has tracked this market development throughout the year, noting the birth of new investment firms and funds and explaining the investment strategy. The Federal Reserve’s January White Paper–covering current housing market data and a proposed government-supported Real-Estate-Owned to rental […]

SJC Call for Amicus Briefs on Home Refinancing Case

The Massachusetts SJC is soliciting amicus briefs on a home refinancing case. On its website the Court indicates that the case arises from the plaintiff’s refinancing of a home mortgage and presents the question “whether securitizers and assignees of the borrowers’ note and mortgage loan can be held liable under the provisions of the Massachusetts […]