Category: Capital Markets

JetBlue’s Acquisition of Spirit and the Anticompetitive Effects

BY: Alex Bonomo, RBFL Student Editor The battle for Spirit began in February 2022, when Frontier made a cash-and-stock offer for Spirit, valued at $2.9 billion.[1] Both companies’ boards of directors adopted their merger agreement on February 5, 2022.[2] On February 7, 2022, Frontier and Spirit announced their agreement,[3] leading to JetBlue’s announcement of its […]

“30 Under 30” Pipeline to Prison

BY: Katie Negron, RBFL Student Editor The Forbes 30 Under 30 List has grown to showcase and introduce people making substantial differences and innovations in their given community. Broken into several categories including tech, finance, medical, entertainment, and more, the list has evolved to become a notable achievement for many younger entrepreneurs. Over the course […]

Back to the Future: Collateralized Fund Obligations Make a Reappearance

BY: Jacob Chaas, RBFL Editor The laboratory of financial engineering’s latest concoction has received mixed reviews by pundits. Lauded by some as a “Technicolor Dreamcoat” and criticized as a “Frankenstein” by others, the collateralized fund obligation (“CFO”) transaction has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years. Naturally, these novel transactions raise new concerns for […]

Insider Trading by Members of Congress

BY: Tyler Bial, RBFL Student Editor With the ever-increasing polarization of American politics, both sides of the aisle have amplified their calls to restrict congressional insider trading in recent years. While Congress passed the STOCK Act in 2012 as an attempt to combat congressional insider trading, the STOCK Act is widely regarded as a failed […]

SEC Rule 14a-8: Should the SEC Narrow the Grounds on Which Registered Issuers May Exclude Shareholder Proposals?

BY: Joseph Brav, RBFL Student Editor SEC Rule 14a-8[i] requires corporations to include eligible shareholders’ proposals in their proxy materials to be voted on at the next shareholder meeting. However, 14a-8 has various exceptions that corporations can rely on to exclude shareholder proposals. 14a-8’s most controversial exception is known as the “ordinary business exception,” which […]

Finfluencers, Meme Stocks, and Regulatory Response

BY: Megan R. Miller, RBFL Student Editor “Finfluencer” activity has exploded in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Bloomberg Wealth, “finfluencers” are online personalities who share financial advice, particularly on social media. Social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are full of young people offering investment, budgeting, and other financial advice […]

Comparing Unprofitable Companies to SPAC Investments Following AMG Capital Management, LLC v. Federal Trade Commission

BY: Matthew Rosen, RBFL Student Editor In April of 2021, the Supreme Court laid down a ruling that severely diminished the Federal Trade Commission’s ability to obtain monetary relief in federal court. In AMG Capital Management, LLC v. Federal Trade Commission (AMG v. FTC) the court radically overhauled the dynamic within the court system. The […]

The United States’ Foreign Direct Investment Screening Regime in a Post-COVID World

BY: Margaux Arntson, RBFL Student Editor The COVID-19 pandemic (“pandemic”, “COVID-19”) and countries’ responsive containment measures brought shockwaves to the world, especially to worldwide supply and demand. The pandemic disrupted global production networks, leaving many countries’ economies in turmoil. This environment presented opportunistic buyers with the chance to acquire or invest in foreign sectors and […]