Category: Judicial Decisions

A New Test on Shareholder Derivative Claims: Delaware Supreme Court opinions in the Zuckerberg

BY: Eugena Liu, RBFL Editor On September 23, 2021, in the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and Participating Food Industry Employers Tri-State Pension Fund v. Zuckerberg, the Delaware Supreme Court adopted a new three-part test as a universal test in determining demand futility. The Zuckerberg test combined the Aronson and Rales, two governing demand […]

COVID-19 and M&A Breaches

By: Daniel Fradin, RBFL Student Editor In late 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic originated in China and began a relentless spread around the world. By March 2020, large portions of the world economy began to shut down to weather the public safety dangers of the virus. Some of the most drastic effects of the virus were […]

Volume 37: Fall 2017

ISSUE I – FALL 2017 Development Articles Table of Contents Helen Huang, Chinese Shadow Banking and Its Impact on the U.S. Economy, 37 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 2 (2017). Wyndham Hubbard, Understanding the Modern Private Student Loan Market, 37 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 18 (2017). Harrison Kessler, A Lower Dividend for High Asset Federal […]

Volume 36: Spring 2017

ISSUE II – SPRING 2017 DEVELOPMENT ARTICLES Daniel DeConinck, Overstock Completes First Public Stock Issuance Using Blockchain, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 416 (2017). Merric Kaufman, “Lions Hunting Zebras”: The Wells Fargo Fake Accounts Scandal and its Aftermath, 36 REV. BANKING & FIN. L. 434 (2017). Taylor H. Gorman, SEC Staff Interpretations on Foreign Private Issuers, […]