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Affordable Housing in Un-Affordable Vacation Towns

BY: Nicole Rosker, RBFL Editor Every winter, almost 1.5 million people visit Aspen to ski its legendary slopes. Every summer, Martha’s Vineyard’s population springs from 17,000 to 200,000. These famous destination towns are so successful at attracting affluent vacationers that they enjoy nicknames like “Billionaire Mountain” and “Hollywood East.” But stripped of their romantic infamy, […]

U.K. Pension Industry’s Reliance on LDIs

BY: Chelsea Wong, RBFL Editor On September 23rd, 2022, Former Prime Minister Liz Truss shook the entirety of the United Kingdom with an announcement of a budget plan. That budget plan was set to abolish the 45% income tax rate of U.K.’s highest earners and deregulate other industries. Before people had time to argue or […]

Evolving Taxation of Cryptocurrency Under the Biden Administration

BY: Kaden Killpack, RBFL Student Editor In the last decade, cryptocurrency investment and exchanges have skyrocketed. Popularity has surged because of the widespread use of the internet, transaction speed, and reliability. Cryptocurrency is bought, sold, mined, and traded over the internet through a network of thousands of computers. There is no centralized server that holds […]

Homeowner Rights and How the Government Steals Home Equity

By: Celene Chen, RBFL Student Editor When a homeowner stops paying their property taxes, the government is well within its rights to foreclose and sell the home to pay for the taxes it is owed. Of course, the proceeds of the sale should go to paying the property-taxes the homeowner owed. But what happens when […]