Yanhua Bird

Assistant Professor, Management & Organizations
  • Office 548A
    Questrom School of Business
    Rafik B. Hariri Building
    595 Commonwealth Avenue
    Boston, MA 02215

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Yanhua Bird is an Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations in the Questrom School of Business at Boston University. She holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Harvard Business School.

Yanhua Bird studies how organizational and institutional factors influence companies’ management of issues pertaining to business ethics, equality, and sustainability. Her current focus includes digitalization, social activism, and private regulation.

  • PhD, Harvard University, 2020
  • Marquis, C., Bird, Y. (In Press). "Institutional Change in Authoritarian Settings: A Study of Environmental Penalties in China", SSRN Electronic Journal
  • Bird, Y. (2019). "The Production of Trust in Global Platform-based Markets", Academy of Management Proceedings, 2019 (1), 12785-12785
  • Bird, Y. (2019). "Counteracting Status Homophily (Heterophily): Microlevel Mechanisms in an Online Peer-to-Peer Market", Academy of Management Proceedings, 2019 (1), 12772-12772
  • Bird, Y., Short, J., Toffel, M. (2019). "Coupling Labor Codes of Conduct and Supplier Labor Practices: The Role of Internal Structural Conditions", Organization Science, 30 (4), 847-867
  • Marquis, C., Bird, Y. (2018). "The Paradox of Responsive Authoritarianism: How Civic Activism Spurs Environmental Penalties in China", Organization Science, 29 (5), 948-968
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  • Marquis, C., Toffel, M., Zhou, Y. (2016). "Scrutiny, Norms, and Selective Disclosure: A Global Study of Greenwashing", Organization Science, 27 (2), 483-504
    Research Presentations
  • Bird, Y. , Short, J. , Toffel, M. Corporate Responses to Social Activism: A Resource Reconfiguration Perspective, LERA 73rd Annual Meeting, 2021