Richard Waldman

Career Consultant (Part-time), Feld Center For Career & Alumni Engagement
    Questrom School of Business
    Rafik B. Hariri Building
    595 Commonwealth Avenue
    Boston, MA 02215

Richard Waldman
Career Consultant – advises on commercial /corporate banking, investment banking, investment management, and wealth management

Richard has 40-plus years of experience as a Large Corporate Banking Relationship Manager for Fortune 500 companies nationwide. He worked with the Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and their Finance/Treasury staff of those companies across numerous industries. His clients included both Investment Grade and non-Investment Grade corporations fulfilling their financial objectives across a wide array of products. He was primarily focused on their Corporate Finance and Capital Markets needs.

During his career, Richard worked at 8 US Headquartered Banks and Merchant Banking subsidiaries in Chicago, London, and Los Angeles. He was employed by JP Morgan, Key Banc Capital Markets, Huntington Capital Markets, and predecessor banks that comprise Bank of America and Wells Fargo today.

Two notable career highlights:

-Closed the first interest rate derivative done by any US Investor Owned Utility company (Detroit Edison)

-Closed the first leveraged recapitalization done by any US Investor Owned Utility company (IPALCO Enterprises)

He was elected to the Merchant Bank Board of Directors at 2 of the aforementioned banks, based in London, England where Richard lived and worked for 3 years.

Richard received his BA degree in Economics from Boston University and MBA degree in Finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Fun fact: Traveled to approximately 70 countries in the following 4 Regions and 15 subcontinents

-Americas (North America, South America, Central America, Caribbean)

-Europe (Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe)

-Asia (Central & South Asia, Northeastern Asia, Southeastern Asia, Australia and Oceania)

-Middle East/Africa (Middle East, Northern Africa, Southern Africa)

Specialties and Interests

Capital Markets, Large Corporate Banking, Corporate Finance, and Relationship Management