Marshall Van Alstyne

Questrom Professor in Management Professor, Information Systems

Professor Van Alstyne is one of the leading experts in network business models. He conducts research on information economics, covering such topics as communications markets, the economics of networks, intellectual property, social effects of technology, and productivity effects of information. As co-developer of the concept of “two-sided networks” he has been a major contributor to the theory of network effects, a set of ideas now taught worldwide. His co-authored article on the subject is a Harvard Business Review top 50 of all time.

Awards include two patents, National Science Foundation IOC, SGER, SBIR, iCorp and Career Awards, and eight best paper awards. Articles or commentary have appeared in Science, Nature, Management Science, Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

  • PhD, MIT Sloan School, 1997
  • MS, MIT Sloan School, 1991
  • BA, Yale University, 1984
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    Research Presentations
  • Van Alstyne, M. Towards Efficient Information Sharing in Network Markets, Workshop on Information Systems Economics, Houston, TX (virtual), 2021
  • Van Alstyne, M. Technology, Digital Transformation & Platforms, CTO Forum, San Francisco, CA (virtual), 2021
  • Van Alstyne, M. Truth, Trust & Tech, Thinkers 50, London (virtual), 2021
  • Van Alstyne, M. Free Speech, Platforms & The Fake News Problem, NYU Stern Business School & Law School, 2021
  • Van Alstyne, M. Regulatory Approaches to Digital Platforms, Academy of Management, Seattle, WA (virtual), 2021
  • Van Alstyne, M. Free Speech, Platforms & The Fake News Problem, BU Platform Strategy Summit, Boston, MA, 2021
  • Van Alstyne, M. Dealing with Disinformation, EU Commission Communication on Tackling Online Disinformation (SOMA), 2021
  • Van Alstyne, M. Free Speech, Platforms & Fake News, McGill University, Montreal, CA (virtual), 2021
  • Van Alstyne, M. Digital Markets: Big Data, Privacy Protection & AI, Competition & Regulation European Summer School & Conference (CRESSE), Heraklion, Crete (virtual)
    Awards and Honors
  • 2021, Thinkers 50
  • 2021, Best Academic Antitrust Writing, , ,
  • 2020, Research Impact, INFORMS Information Systems Society
  • 2019, Thinkers 50 Digital Thinking, Thinkers 50
  • 2019, Management Science - Best Paper Award, Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
  • 2018, AIS Best Publication Award, Association for Information Systems
  • 2018, Paper of the Year, MIS Quarterly
  • 2018, Harvard Business Review Top 50 Article of All Time, Harvard Business Review
  • 2017, Distinguished Scholar Award, Academy of Management
  • 2016, Best Business Book - Golden Book Award, Taiwanese Publisher
  • 2015, Excellence in Teaching, MBA Students
  • 2014, PhD Mentoring Award, SMG Ph.D. Students
  • 2006, Best Paper, International Conference on Information Systems
  • 2006, Best Paper, Sunbelt Conference
  • 2006, Broderick Award for Excellence in Research, BU School of Management