Jay Kim

Associate Professor, Operations and Technology Management

Dr. Jay Kim is Associate Professor of Operations and Technology Management at Boston University's Questrom School of Business, where he teaches courses in operations management, global operations strategy, supply chain management, and product innovation.  He was the department chair in 1995-97, and the faculty director of the School’s various international programs in 1997-2006.  He was the research director of Global Manufacturing Futures Project in 1994-97.

Professor Kim’s research is focused on developing and implementing global operations and value chain strategies.  Particularly, he is investigating the complementary effects from two dominant forces of the 21st century economy that radically change competitive requirements for global companies – accelerating technological innovations in a wide range of sectors and vigorous economic development in emerging market countries.

He has given lectures on global operations strategy, quality improvement, value chain enhancement, and innovative business models to managers of various technology-intensive companies, such as IBM, Raytheon, Johnson & Johnson, Carrier, Sanyo and Toshiba of Japan, and Korean conglomerates like Daewoo, LG, SK, KEPCO, and Samsung.  In 1997, he served as a special advisor for Chairman Kim Woo-Choong of Korea's Daewoo Group.

In 2012, Jay Kim published his first book in Korean language, titled “Growth 3.0,” which integrates his most recent thoughts on innovative growth strategies in the context of rapid changes in technologies, global markets, and disruptive competition. In 2015, he was appointed by Korea’s Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning as the founding director general of Korea Innovation Center, Washington DC.  For two years, he created and implemented innovative programs to enable and facilitate cross-border innovation and entrepreneurship engagements, such as KIC Start MassChallenge, KIC Start I-Corps, and KIC Bio-Health Accelerators.

Professor Kim received his Ph.D. in operations management from the Ohio State University in 1989, his MBA from Bowling Green State University in 1985, and his BA in management from Seoul National University, Korea in 1980.   His research papers appeared on various journals, including Decision Sciences, California Management Review, International Journal of Production and Operations Management, International Journal of Production Research, Operations Management Review, Journal of Far Eastern Businesses, International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, and Journal of Purchasing and Materials Management.   

  • PhD, Ohio State University, 1989
  • MBA, Bowling Green State University, 1985
  • BA, Seoul National University, 1980
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