Iain Cockburn

Richard C. Shipley Professor in Strategy & Innovation Department Chair, Strategy and Innovation
  • PhD, Harvard University, 1990
  • MA, Harvard University, 1987
  • BS, Queen Mary College University of London, 1984
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    Research Presentations
  • Cockburn, I. Interoperability in Light of the Oracle v. Google case, TPRI Interoperability Workshop, 2022
  • Cockburn, I. The Geography of AI, 5th RIE (Conference of the Network of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Economics in Latin America and the Caribbean) and 12th Conference on Model-based Evidence on Innovation and Development (MEIDE), online, United Nations University - MERIT, 2021
  • Cockburn, I. , Hunt, J. , Bessen, J. Is distance from innovation a barrier to the adoption of artificial intelligence?, NBER Conference on Economics of Artificial Intelligence, University of Toronto, 2021
  • Cockburn, I. The role of TRIPS in encouraging technology diffusion, World Trade Organization Webinar on Dissemination of Health Technologies, online, 2021
    Awards and Honors
  • 2023, IDEAs Top 4% of Economists Worldwide
  • 2023, SSRN Top 10% of Authors by All-time Downloads
  • 2022, IDEAs Top 4% of Economists Worldwide
  • 2022, SSRN Top 10% of Authors by All-time Downloads
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  • 2019, IDEAS top 4% of economists worldwide
  • 2019, SSRN Top 10% of authors by all-time downloads
  • 2018, John R. Russell Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 2016, Molly McCombe and T.J. Callahan Faculty Research Award
  • 2011, Richard C. Shipley Professor of Management
  • 2010, Dan & Mary Lou Schendel Best Paper Prize 2010