Garrett Johnson

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Prof. Johnson’s research on Internet Marketing examines online display advertising: the medium's effectiveness and privacy issues. His ad effectiveness research uses large-scale experiments to measure how and how much ads work. His privacy research quantifies the value of online behavioral targeting to industry and considers the impact of policy & self-regulatory approaches. Prof. Johnson works with Internet companies—including Google and Yahoo!—to answer these questions with Internet-scale data.

For his work, Prof. Johnson has been awarded the Paul Green Award and has been a finalist for both the John D.C. Little Award and the Gary Lilien Marketing Science Practice Prize. 

Published & Forthcoming Papers

Dean Eckles, Brett R. Gordon, and Garrett A. Johnson (2018) “LETTER: Field studies of psychologically targeted ads face threats to internal validity” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Johnson, Garrett A., Randall A. Lewis, Elmar I. Nubbemeyer (2017) Ghost Ads: A Revolution in Measuring Ad Effectiveness Journal of Marketing Research, 54(6): 867-884.

Johnson, Garrett A., Randall A. Lewis, David H. Reiley (2017) When Less is More: Data and Power in Advertising Experiments Marketing Science, 36(1): 43-53. 

Working Papers

Consumer privacy choice in online advertising: Who opts out and at what cost to industry? with Scott Shriver and Shaoyin Du

The Online Display Ad Effectiveness Funnel & Carryover: Lessons from 432 Field Experiments with Randall Lewis and Elmar Nubbemeyer

The Impact of Privacy Policy on the Auction Market for Online Display Advertising

Location, Location, Location: Repetition and Proximity Increase Advertising Effectiveness with Randall Lewis and David Reiley

Cost Per Incremental Action: Efficient Pricing of Advertising with Randall Lewis

Great and Small Walls of China: Distance & Chinese E-Commerce with Liang Chen and Yao Luo

Awards & Honors

  • Winner (2018), Paul E. Green Award, American Marketing Association
  • Finalist (2018), John D.C. Little Award, INFORMS Society for Marketing Science
  • Finalist (2018), Gary L. Lilien ISMS-MSI Practice Prize, INFORMS Society for Marketing Science
  • PhD, Northwestern University, 2013