Fred Foulkes

Professor, Management & Organizations Faculty Director, HRPI

Principal publications include: Creating More Meaningful Work (The American Management Association); Casebook on Church and Society (with Keith Bridston, Ann D. Meyers and Louis Weeks, Abington Press); Personnel Policies in Large Nonunion Companies (Prentice-Hall); Human Resources Management: Cases and Text (with E.R. Livernash, Prentice-Hall); Employee Benefits Handbook (editor and contributing author Warren, Gorham & Lamont); Strategic Human Resources Management: A Guide for Effective Practice (Prentice-Hall), Human Resources Management: Readings (Prentice-Hall) and Executive Compensation: A Strategic Guide for the 1990s (Harvard Business School Press). Professor Foulkes has also written numerous articles, including five published in the Harvard Business Review, and has developed over 160 case studies. Professor Foulkes is the founder and director of the Human Resources Policy Institute. The Institute is a partnership between Boston University's Questrom School of Business faculty and senior human resources executives. Its members include the heads of human resources for over 45 large, global companies, including Colgate-Palmolive, CVS, Fidelity, HP, IBM, P&G, and Raytheon.

  • DBA, Harvard Business School, 1968
  • MBA, Harvard Business School, 1965
  • AB, Princeton University, 1963
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    Research Presentations
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