Andrei Hagiu

Dean’s Research Scholar Associate Professor, Information Systems Associate Director for the Platforms Initiative, Digital Sector

Andrei is a leading expert on platform strategy and business models. Prior to Questrom, he has taught platform strategy courses at Harvard Business School and the MIT Sloan School of Management. He uses the insights drawn from his research to advise and angel invest in start-ups building platform businesses, as well as to consult for large companies seeking to turn their products into platforms (e.g. ADP, Equifax, Intuit).

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    Awards and Honors
  • 2020, Harvard Business Review’s 10 Must Reads on Platforms and Ecosystems
  • 2020, Harvard Business Review cover article
  • 2019, Hudson Exclusive edition of Harvard Business Review’s 10 Must Reads 2019
  • 2018, HBR's 10 Must Reads 2019, Harvard Business Review
  • 2012, 2012 Best Paper on Competition Economics, Association of Competition Economics
  • 2006, 2006 Annual Book Award for Excellence in Business, Management & Accounting, Association of American Publishers