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Digital transformation is the number one priority for 80% of Fortune 500 CEOs. Today’s skills economy requires that you develop the mindset and actionable knowledge to lead your organization through innovation and foundational change.

Featuring authoritative content on seven critical topics related to the digital economy, BU Questrom’s Digital Business Series gives you a chance to re-skill and get ahead in the digital transformation wave – on your time.

As you learn, earn digital badges to tell your professional story online. BU Questrom digital credentials, including the Digital Business Certificate, provide an easy method to share verified learning achievements on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Scheduled Open Online Courses

Questrom Digital offers seven individual edX courses, each course with a predetermined start and end date and lasting 6 weeks. Complete a series of five courses to earn a Verified edX/BU MicroMasters Credential in Digital Leadership or in Digital Product Management.

The Digital Business Certificate combines online and on-campus experiences to provide you with broad expertise across digital business and technology topics. Complete any two online Questrom Digital or edX MicroMasters sequences plus one on-campus BU Questrom program (2-4 days in length) to earn this certification. Any one of the following on-campus programs for individuals apply: Mini MBA for Tech Executives, Technology and Change: Creating Value Through Disruptive Innovation, Competing in the Digital Age: Business Transformation, Competing in the Digital Age: Platform Revolution, Digital Product Management, and Reframing Leadership in the Digital Age.