Our world is changing. It’s important that we are teaching our business leaders how to engage in constructive dialogues on difference, identity, culture, and ideology in our pursuit to create value for the world.

Questrom’s community is made up of students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, gender expressions, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, and more. This wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities create an enriching and dynamic student experience.


So much of our success and strength stems from our inclusive community—a community of people who are connected by our differences, and seek to bring all of who we are to business. myQuestrom is our commitment to strive for diversity and inclusion in everything we do. Through the myQuestrom initiative, all of Questrom is working together towards one common goal: to make Questrom a place where we are all connected by difference. myQuestrom means all of us.

Questrom’s Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In January 2020, Questrom launched its Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in an effort to expand student diversity initiatives and provide a multicultural community space for all Questrom students.  With two new Faculty-in-Residence and additional staff, the Center for DEI is committed to ongoing diversity education, programs, and community building initiatives for all Questrom students, both undergraduate and graduate.

Our Team


2017 was the inaugural year of the Questrom Ascend Fellowship, which is open to African-American/Black, Hispanic, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander, and first-generation college students in their first year. Questrom Ascend Fellows led a week of leadership development, mentorship, and networking with their cohort.

2017 also instituted our First-Generation College Student Reception. With about 20% of our undergraduates identifying as first-generation college students, we look forward to continuing to host this event as well as new first-generation dedicated events like this one.

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Graduate & Doctoral

We’ve embedded concepts of cultural intelligence, identity, and cultural competency into our orientation programming as well as expanded learning opportunities for graduate students throughout the year.

Our graduate admissions team continues to cultivate strong relationships with national and regional organizations such as the National Black MBA, Prospanica, Reaching Out MBA, and the Greater Boston Veteran’s Collaborative.

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Our Commitment

We’re challenging our community to continue to engage in conversations on difference because we know that sharing, inspiring, and embracing diversity is what prepares us for the business challenges of tomorrow.

At Questrom, we recognize the many dimensions of your identity which make you an individual. We know each of these facets impact your creativity, shape your wisdom, and color your lived experiences. We embrace them all.

Moreover, as society changes, we’re devoted to working with you to develop the tools you’ll need to successfully, intelligently, and confidently navigate your next venture. Wherever your path in business leadership will take you, you’ll be equipped to stay atop the change.


Get in touch with us at myQuestrom@bu.edu.