The BU Questrom Online MBA requires 45 credit hours of coursework comprised of six 7.5-credit semester-long integrated modules. The curriculum is designed so that you take one module a semester and each module builds on the one before it. No more worrying about what courses to take and when.

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Within each module, you will also apply learning concepts and skills to your current or previous work, acquire capability-relevant management communications skills, advance your global team leadership acumen, and enhance your career development toolkit.

Please note: Curriculum for the Online MBA is subject to change.

Each module is the workload equivalent of two individual courses. However, with this innovative program design, the integration within each module makes you feel like you’re taking just one.

The BU Questrom Online MBA maintains the same rigor the market has come to expect from a Questrom MBA program. Each module is comparable to the workload of two individual courses, which account for 7.5 graduate credits each. As such, you should expect to work between 15-20 hours per week on the program components – both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (on your own).

Our modules provide an integrated perspective on the key capabilities needed to make management decisions in a complex global business ecosystem. We’ve designed each module to weave together business concepts. Instead of studying business in silos—with separate courses in accounting, finance, marketing, etc.—you’ll discover the interdependent nature of these core business disciplines. In other words, you’ll study business the way you experience it every day in the real world: as complex interconnected challenges. For example, how do you launch a new product; is your business ready to expand in scale and scope; how can your organization create value for the world? So, while you won’t see individual courses in our design, you can be assured that you are receiving the same rigorous core business knowledge expected from the globally-recognized MBA credential.

Online MBAAcademics


Most modules will end with an action-oriented capstone project. The capstone is a comprehensive learning assignment that may take the form of a team or individual project. The capstone bridges together concepts learned throughout the course and applied either to a prescribed prompt (such is the case in MOD 1 with the automotive capstone) or organically created capstones that emerge from student interest/industry focus.

Online MBAAcademics

Live Sessions

The weekly Live session is a valuable and important component of the learning experience. Each week, the live session introduces new concepts and reviews material covered during the week’s self-paced material. You’ll find a number of engaging elements in the live sessions including case discussions, polling, debates, and live interviews with industry experts. This is a sample of various elements in our MOD Live Sessions.

Live Session Attendance

The Live session is offered typically mid-week at both 7 am ET and 8 pm ET to accommodate multiple time zones. Although each session is recorded, most students find participating “live” is extremely valuable. Depending on the MOD or term, faculty may require attendance at a select number of Live sessions (with your team or as an individual student). Required attendance varies, but does not exceed 7 Live sessions (e.g., most MODs require 5 Live sessions but the exact number may vary). Dates for the required Live sessions are generally released during the registration period when students sign up for the module. Additionally, the exact number and dates of Live sessions (if applicable) are also stated in the syllabus for each MOD. Learning Facilitators also offer synchronous group office hours each week to help support your success. These are scheduled at a time that works for both you and the Learning Facilitator.

Program calendar

The program aims to stay as close as possible to the Boston University academic calendar, but OMBA is distinctive in its own creation and learning flow. Therefore, students should pay close attention to start and end dates as they may differ from the BU academic calendar. Questions about the course dates should be directed to the Graduate Admissions & Financial Aid Office.

Program Schedule

Modules are offered during the fall (late August/September-December), spring (January-May), and summer (May-August) semesters. Students can only take one module at a time. Taking the modules in six consecutive semesters allows you to complete your MBA in as few as 24 months while attending part-time. Students are encouraged to take the modules in sequential order. Upon starting the Online MBA program as a matriculated student, you will complete Module 0 and Module 1. After completing MOD 1, students may take MOD 2 and MOD 3 in any order. Modules 4, 5, and 6 may be taken in any order, but only after completing Modules 0-3. 

ModuleSemesters Offered 
Mod 0 – MX 700 OMBA LaunchAugust, January
Mod 1 – MX 710 Creating Value for Business and SocietyFall, Spring
Mod 2 – MX 720 Managing Performance with DataSpring, Summer
Mod 3 – MX 730 Leading with IntegritySummer, Fall
Mod 4 – MX 740 Assessing & Managing RisksFall, Spring
Mod 5 – MX 750 Leveraging Global OpportunitiesSpring, Summer
Mod 6 – MX 760 Fostering an Innovative MindsetSummer, Fall
Online MBAAcademics

Weekly Learning Journey

Each Module in the Online MBA program is structured around the weekly learning journey, which gives you guidance on what to expect as each new week of content is released and to provide structure to how you’ll manage your time each week. You will see three phases in each week of the Module, outlined below.

Phase 1

Release Day to Live Session: Introduction & Comprehension

This phase introduces new content and assesses your comprehension. The goal of Phase 1 is to prepare you for Phase 2.

Phase 2

Live Session: Introduction & Comprehension

You’ll apply content from Phase 1 in a new way to ensure mastery of specific techniques and frameworks. You will be challenged to consider different business scenarios to increase the realism of what they are learning.


Phase 3

After Live Session Through Weekend: Extension and Reflection


This phase provides an opportunity to extend the application of content from Phase 2 through either solo or team assignments to achieve a deeper understanding, and to reflect on what you have learned.


Online MBAAcademics


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